December 01, 2011

Biden not 'ready to close the door' on 2016 run

WASHINGTON — US Vice President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he is keeping his options open about a 2016 White House bid.
"I am never ready to close the door on anything. That is a foolish thing to do. I learned a long time ago," he said in an interview with NBC television's "Today Show" program.
"My dad had an expression. He said, 'Joe, remember, never argue with your wife about anything that is going to happen more than a year from now, and don't make decisions about anything that is going to happen more than a year from now'," he said in an interview conducted during a brief visit to Iraq.
"I am intent on re-electing Barack Obama president of the United States of America. The rest will take care of itself."

Biden, who turned 69 last week, several weeks ago dismissed rumors that he would not be on the 2012 presidential ticket, telling the "Today Show" that he "absolutely, positively" will be Barack Obama's running mate.
The vice president, who was himself a contender in the 2008 race for the Democratic presidential nomination, found little traction among voters before dropping out.
He was later tapped by then-senator Barack Obama to be his running mate, and the pair went on to victory in the historic election that saw America elect its first African-American president.

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