December 04, 2011

Iranian diplomats expelled, foreign ministry: Britain will pay the price

 Iranian diplomats, who were given 48 hours to leave the UK in response to the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran, arrived in Iran early Saturday and received a warm welcome, according to the Tehran Times.
Iranian officials from the foreign ministry had gathered at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport to give the diplomats a hero’s welcome.
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast, who attended the welcome ceremony, said “Britain will pay the price for its inappropriate attitude toward the Iranian nation over the past 100 years.”
“We will take a reciprocal action,” he added, according to the Tehran Times. “We will not allow them to (create) discord among our people.”
Nationalist Feelings
“Spy embassy closed for good,” read one of the many placards carried by the crowd of some 100 people, at Mehrabad Airport, according to Reuters.
Iran’s charge d’affaires to Britain Safar Ali Eslamiyan told reporters that they “left the country’s soil with dignity,” according to the Tehran Times.
A number of Iranians stormed the British embassy compound in Tehran on Nov 29 and pulled down British flag to protest against the British government’s sanctions against Iran, following a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that suggested Iran was working on nuclear weapons.
Iran refuted the report. “This is a conspiracy.” Mehmanparast added, “They intend to depict Iran as the main threat.”

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