December 04, 2011

Syria faces new Arab League ultimatum

At least 23 people were killed in Syria’s uprising on Saturday, activists say, as the Arab League gave Damascus a new ultimatum to end its crackdown.
Arab ministers set a deadline of one day – that is until today – for Syria to sign a deal in which foreign monitors would be sent into the country.
Meeting in Doha, they also confirmed sanctions already agreed against President Assad’s regime.
“As Arabs, what we fear is that if the situation continues in Syria, Arabs will lose control of it,” said Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem.
He said there had been some contact with Syria where the UN estimates at least 4,000 people have died in the crackdown on anti-government protests.
Our correspondent in Qatar, Maha Barada, said: “It seems the door is not completely closed to a solution to the crisis, unless Syria refuses to sign the protocol by the deadline…. If this is the case, everything points to more serious intervention by the international community and Security Council.”

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