January 04, 2012

Stephen Lawrence murder: police hope Gary Dobson will name other gang members

Gary Dobson has been identified by police as the “weakest link” among racist gang members and will be asked to turn "supergrass" by naming the others responsible for Stephen Lawrence's murder.

Neil Acourt, left to right, Jamie Acourt and Luke Knight
Neil Acourt, left to right, Jamie Acourt and Luke Knight
Detectives are preparing to quiz Dobson in prison about the notorious 1993 attack and could offer him the prospect of a reduced sentence if he agrees to testify against the others.
They are hoping his conviction might prompt him to disclose who else was responsible.
Police believe all opportunities to gather new forensic evidence have now been exhausted and so would need a new witness to come forward, or Dobson to speak, for any chance of charging the remaining gang members.
David Norris, 35, who was also convicted of murder, is deemed unlikely to help the police. He is considered an “old-school villain” and comes from a family of well-known criminals.
Police have a list of nine remaining suspects for the murder, having reduced 187 names of interest to just 11. They include Neil Acourt, Jamie Acourt and Luke Knight, whose names have been associated with the murder since day one.

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