February 10, 2012

Damilola Taylor killer Ricky Preddie recalled to prison

One of Damilola Taylor's killers has been recalled to prison a second time for breaching bail, 16 days after being released.

Ricky Preddie was jailed for eight years in 2006 with his brother Danny after being convicted of 10-year-old Damilola's manslaughter in London.

Preddie was originally released on licence in September 2010 but sent back to jail last March for breaking bail.

He has been returned to Pentonville prison in north London.

The Ministry of Justice said serious offenders released on licence are subject to a strict set of conditions and controls.

"Examples include a strict curfew and other restrictions on their movements, as well as frequent meetings with their offender manager," a spokesman said.

He said individual cases could not be discussed but that failing to comply with licence conditions, made an offender liable to be returned to custody.

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